The Indisputable Leader of the Gang
September 28, 2007, 7:19 pm
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The most effectual …

Hanna Barbera created a cartoon empire unmatched, even by Warner Bros. The list of favorites from the HB catalog is endless starring The Flintstones, The Jetsons and topped by the alley cat himself TC. (Yes, his intellectual close friends get to call him TC!)

A New York hustler always reaching for the brass ring, while relaxing of course and his band of pals that think he’s the coolest brought cartoons to the street. Scaming at every turn. In trouble with the cops, specifically Irish NYC cop Officer Charlie Dibble.

The voices of the show were typical great voices from that era.


Above: the voice cast of Top Cat

Top Cat has it’s roots in the Phil Silvers Show. Sgt Ernie Bilko and T.C. are both charismatic schemers, dragging their admiring gang into their plans. The characters are scored almost one for one to the Silvers show. Maurice Gosfield was even in both shows, playing Benny the Ball in TC and Private Doberman on Phil Silvers making an even stronger connection.Of course there’s a Bowery Boys influence as well. Same type of mold, same location, same types of characters.

The show was modeled after the famous Phil Silvers Show. Top Cat’s voice (Arnold Stang) even resembled that of Silver. Always a scam. Always

30 stand-alone episodes in 1961 and 62 and appearances on a few other things.

In the UK there was a brand of cat food called Top Cat, so it was known as Boss Cat there. It was presented in many other languages around the world. For example in Italy, he was Temistocle in Sinhala, he was Pissu Pusa, in spanish he was known as Don Gato and in Finland, Topi Katti. Top Cat’s story was recognized around the world as a common culture character. It shows what masters Hanna and Barbera were. And their work still remains viable today. Ageless. looks like it was absorbed by Warner Bros so, it obviously doesn’t do HB justice, but take a look at some of your favorites and for clips, just head over to YouTube.

Here is a clip of the TC opening and closing theme/credits.

He’s the most tip-top TOP CAT


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