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October 14, 2007, 4:14 pm
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I watch the History Channel either when nothing else is on (which is quite often) or when Digging For The Truth with Josh Bernstein is on.

Bernstein’s personality and enthusiasm makes the show extremely interesting. He takes you on a time-line-like tour of theories surrounding ancient mysteries that we’ve all heard of, learned about and saw boring documentaries on. He makes this into a riveting hour of TV. You want to learn because he seems so excited about it. You’re taken through the thought process of discovery and not talked down to. You don’t have information shoved at you, instead you are made to feel that you’re making the discovery and you do need to come up with some conclusions on your own. At the end of the show, you’ve learned something. There are not many shows that can boast this with any honesty.

If Josh Bernstein was a high school teacher or principal, he’d have the smartest school around. If teachers taught with the same enthusiasm he does, the world would be an amazing place.

Actually, Josh is in fact a teacher. He is CEO and president of BOSS (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), a survival school in Utah where he teaches survival techniques like lighting a fire with no matches, etc. and also environmentalism. Learning to live within the confines of your locality and Earth itself.

Bernstein doesn’t just play someone smart reading from a prompter, he graduated from Cornell with double majors and double minors in Anthropology, Psychology, Native American and Near Eastern Studies respectively. Though he has an apartment in Manhattan, he also lives the life he teaches and spends his Utah time in his yurt.

digging-for-the-truth.jpgYoung, intelligent, good-looking, motivated and enthusiastic about life… he’s who people aspire to be and who people need to learn from. His documentaries, both past and future should be made a part of every schools’ curriculum. Maybe he could even do something to inspire teachers.


Photo: Not your typical archaeologist. Maybe, the real-life Indiana Jones was doing his episode The Real Sin City: Sodom and Gomorrah on Truth.

Bernstein has left The History Channel and a new host has taken over what Bernstein made into it’s #1 show since it started. Josh has moved over to The Discovery Channel where more broad projects await. Projects that also include other topics besides those driven by archaeology. He will be seen in a new series and specials on the channel and will also do more behind the scenes work on those and other shows. This allows him to teach more people, more stuff. New Discovery Channel programming starring Josh is set to begin in February 2008 (see bad news after the jump!). Keep and eye out for it. You won’t be sorry.

Josh’s website is HERE. Check back, it’s not quite ready yet. 

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Although it was originally said to start in February, it looks like July/August is the time frame for the new show to start. Here’s a message from Josh’s message board: 

I’ve been busy traveling and filming lately, having been most recently
in South America. The new series is very much in full swing and
thought I’d provide you with some news and spread some holiday cheer.

Since I haven’t done a Q&A in a while, here’s an easy way to find what
you want:

1. When’s your new series (finally) going to be on TV?!

Excellent question! We’re currently aiming for a July/August premiere.
I’m told this is a huge honor, as July/August is the best time for a
cable series premiere. I know, I know – it’s not right away. But trust
me, it will be worth the wait.

2. What’s the show called?

Another excellent question! A number of working titles have been going
around, but at this point, though, these are still only working titles
and they could all be tossed out for something even better. We haven’t
had our super-secret meeting yet to pick the final name. Since the
premiere isn’t until July, we still have time.

But, just to clarify, I’m currently working on only ONE series, not
two or three. In the future, I’ll be doing some specials and other
shows outside of my Discovery series, but for now it’s all hands on
deck as we focus on getting this first one out of port and out to sea.

3. What network will the series be on? Will it be on around the world?

My new series will be on Discovery Channel, the flagship network. I’m
not clear how distribution works at Discovery, but I believe that my
series will premiere on the US Discovery Channel first, and then in
the weeks or months following, it will begin broadcast around the
world. Or maybe it will premiere globally all at once. I can tell you
more about this in the spring.

4. Is the show different from Digging for the Truth?

Definitely. We have a much broader concept for this series. While I’m
still covering archaeology stories and mysteries, I’m also exploring
anthropology, ecology, and global interest stories. No reason to limit
ourselves to just history and the past when there’s so much exciting
stuff happening right now. If there’s an interesting angle of
exploration, culture, travel and discovery, I’m there.

5. Is that really you on MySpace? Facebook?

I did have a MySpace page at one point, but it was shut down a few
months ago because they thought I wasn’t really me. (Hilarious) I
don’t have time or interest to rebuild that right now, so no, I don’t
have a page on MySpace anymore. Anyone who is on there using my
picture and saying he’s me is a fake.

I do have a Facebook page, but it’s only for my family and friends. So
if I don’t actually know you, the page remains private. Sorry.

As for fansites, I have only this one — JBsGroup on Yahoo! Groups.
The rest are run by people I don’t know, so again be cautious if they
are saying they’re me.

6. When will your official website be launched?

Discovery’s site for my new series and my own site (
will launch closer to summer 2008, when the series premieres.

Those are the main questions I’ve been getting lately. Hope that helps.

Again, have a wonderful holiday season and a very, very Happy New Year!

In exploration,


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I miss Josh so much! I can’t even Watch “Digging for the Truth” anymore, since he left it. That Hunter Ellis is such a boring sissy!! He complains about having to hike a mile in the dark and cold and wet!!! I’m eagerly awaiting Josh to return with his new series on the Discovery Channel!! I miss him! He is so smart and articulate and you’re right about the way he makes his topics so fun!! I’ll be here in February, just waiting for his new shows!

Comment by Dianne Weiland

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Espero que Josh visite nuevamente mi país, Perú, aquí es muy visto aún en las repeticiones de The History Channel. Me encantaría que visite Cajamarca y descubra su historia pasada y reciente y todos los misterios que hay acá.

Comment by Thyamara

I want to meet with you, to discuss my registered trade mark “Come for the Sun, Stay for the Stars”R and a global projects;
Please call me at your earliest convenience at 760-767-5455. By the way loved the recent brief article on you in Sunset January 2009 Magazine.

My background is southern Utah desert…..the untamed- the Holy WILD and the unrehearsed. I’m an Artist, designer, filmmaker.

Look forward to talking with you soon…..Let’s do it…!

All the best and the greatest in 2009

Sarah Young

Comment by Sarah Young

eres especial, e amo

Comment by maria

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