TeeVee Jump Out: Bonnie Timmons
October 25, 2007, 4:28 am
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During the four television seasons from 1995-1999, animation met up with live action in a comedy series called Caroline In The City. Lea Thompson played a cartoonist in Manhattan with a supporting cast of nutty and sarcastic friends. The show blended Caroline’s animated cartoon strip with the show and did it well. These illustrated snippets won Caroline it’s only Emmy.

Here’s the Jump Out…


Both the inspiration for and, the illustrations on the show came from artist Bonnie Timmons. Bonnie’s illustration style is unmistakable. Her loose style of illustration makes her stories seem relate-able and down to earth. Her most recognisable character (to me, anyway) looks just like her. You can see personal touches in all her work, which is the very thing that makes any art form work… you can feel the artist.


Once you see Timmons illustration, you immediately know you’ve seen it before. You’d be right. Along with Caroline, she’s done print and animated ad work for McDonalds, AT&T, Lands End and of course, Quilted Northern. She has also appeared in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Outside and many other magazines and newspapers.


I was looking at for books by Bonnie Timmons… (ok, actually, her equally talented sister, Alaska based Web Designer, Jan Timmons gave me the idea. Site) and fell in love with them. I purchased a couple for my niece. She is into horseback riding so, I got “Hold Your Horses” and “The Girls Like Spaghetti…” just because it looked fun. The illustration work is beautiful and translates well to adults and kids alike. Bonnie lives on a farm outside Philadelphia and has a fondness for horses, which like I said earlier shows in her work on Hold Your Horses.

Here is the link for Bonnie’s work on Amazon.

Here is Bonnie’s website. Please check it out. She is an amazing artist. 

Who thinks of making the Statue of Liberty a raver?


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I think Timmons’ reps need to hire you! Good research job, too. -Verby

Comment by Verby

Timmons’ reps think Bonnie is pretty amazing as well! Thank you for putting all these good vibes out in cyberspace.-Gail

Comment by Gail Gaynin

Its clear (at least to me) that Bonnie has influenced a slew of artists. There are so many that attempt to emulate her style though none allow us to see their heart and understand ours the way that BT does.

Comment by Rick Garrett

Wow, thanks. Don’t know who you are who wrote this, but I think I’m in love.

Comment by Bonnie Timmons

[…] Read the rest of this great post here […]

Pingback by Lea Thompson » TeeVee Jump Out: Bonnie Timmons

Great, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Thx!

Comment by Salliniavaw

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