Pushing Daisies
October 26, 2007, 12:06 am
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OK… Pushing Daisies. What’s happening here?

I started watching it on the second episode (damn) and I both love it and am oddly irritated by it.

Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles: You can’t just touch someone’s life and be done with it.
Ned: Yes, I can. That’s how I roll.

The cast is wonderful. No better group exists on TV. So, that I like.

Chi McBride: He’s funny just standing there with a disgusted look on his face. He’s been on a ton of TV and in some movies. Great. Love him.

Lee Pace: Loved him in Wonderfalls. That was a great show. It should still be on. He can bring people back to life temporarily… sometimes enough time to  finger the dirty rat that killed them.

Anna Friel: She plays ‘Chuck’ (another interesting show, by the way). Good character, quirky, relaxed… she plays a dead ex-girlfriend. Twist #2. Ned decided to keep this one alive, but can’t touch her directly.

Jim Dale: The fact that this show is narrated gives it another fun twist. Narrated by Jim Dale; a GOOD, fun twist.

Kristen Chenowith: She’s an amazing and quirky little thing. She’s very Broadway to me. Good projection and a bit over the top. She’s cool in this. I remember her from The West Wing and the movie version of Bewitched.

swoosiekurtz.jpgOK… blah blah blah.. great cast. But then… I saw her. Swoosie Kurtz! You can’t throw your TV Guide at the TV without miraculously switching it to something Swoosie is in. You can’t throw your Playbill on Broadway without hitting her right in the eye. She’s a goddess of acting. My most memorable Swoosie Kurtz experience was the play The Fifth of July in 1981, for which she won the Tony award for Best Actress. (Actually, she won the “triple crown” for that role – Tony – Drama Desk – Outer Critics Circle) She did have her own show, an unfortunately brief moment, called Love, Sidney. I wish she’d give her own show another whirl. So, if Daisies sucked, I’d still watch it for a Swoosie moment.

My friend Dave said today that he liked it because it was ‘campy’. That’s a good description and also a valid reason to watch. So, go ahead… Wednesdays 8:00 on ABC. Let me know how you like it.

The Pie Hole

The fact that there’s a pie shaped restaurant called The Pie Hole means nothing to me.

OF COURSE IT DOES! It’s brilliant!!!


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You forgot to mention the little blonde who has a crush on Ned – she plays the part of the hurt wanabe girl friend perfectly

Comment by David

Kristen Chenowith is the ‘little blonde’. Of course I mentioned her. She’s adorable.

Comment by Mike

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