Project Runway: Joey on Episode 1
November 15, 2007, 1:19 pm
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Thoughts after the first episode

Most annoying contestant:Elisa
between watching her make grass stains on the fabric, doing yoga poses in the apartment…and that disasterous cascading train on her dress….she wins hands down for me on the most annoying.
Runner up to most annoying: Jillian
Most likely to grow on me: Sweet P
I was touched watching her watch her model and dress come down the runway….
Least Memorable Personality so far…. Marion Lee
(can’t even remember what his oufit was like, or anything about him)
The contestant I am most ambivelant about: Christian
He is such a queen and trying too hard to be bitchy, but I like that he is proud that he sleeps on the floor and would rather buy clothes than a bed.
I like and dislike him at the same time.
The contestant most likely to be seen with his shirt off at least once per episode….Jack. Good thing he has a nice body, because his face is a little scary…
Contestant I was most routing for and most disappointed by: Ricky
I wanted him to be this seasons Nick (from season two)…but he already blew it for me.
Saddest moment for me…watching Chris trying to run and make it to the tents before all the contestants snatched all the premium fabric… it seemed a bit cruel
Funniest moment: watching Elisa sitting backstage after the runway show, ripping fabric from the train of her models dress…. while the judges are deciding her fate….
Favorite moment...watching Michael laugh at Elisa as she was describing her thought process for her design… (second favorite….Nina’s face when Elisa was talking….)
Most annoying quote
“Don’t go into the fear box people….don’t go into the fear box….”


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Great post Joey. I epsecially agree with the Marion thing. Until you mentioned him, I forgot he was even on the show. I especially DISagree with Sweet P. Not into her.

Comment by Mike

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