Paige Davis Returns to Trading Spaces
November 18, 2007, 10:04 am
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Trading Spaces was THE home improvement show of the century. Fun, scary and full of opinionated fans. And a bubbly host.

  When the perky Paige Davis joined Trading Spaces in 2001, the show went into overdrive. Always upbeat. Always irritating the designers and carpenters by reminding them of budgets and questioning whether the family will like what they’ve done.

left: the ringmaster herself, Paige Davis

One day, Paige was missing fron the show. OK. I watched it, figuring she was sick or on vacation. The next one came and I found out that Paige was no more. That was the end of Trading Spaces for me. I’ve not watched the new hostless format since. As I talked to other people that also liked the show, they too felt the show wasn’t the same. Right… Davis was gone.

With no host, there was no continuity in the show. Why didn’t Hildi ever get ditched? I wouldn’t let her anywhere NEAR my house. Ty was gone, Frank was gone, a few new designers that sucked the life out of me came on.

Trading Spaces had gotten too happy with themselves and turned their back on what made the show popular. Too happy to the point of creating7 dozen other Spaces shows, like one for kids, one for families and, another for people’s doghouses, I think. All sucked… BAD. Some of the designers even crossed over. Big mistake.

OK, enough griping. Paige Davis is back. There is a new production company taking over. The production company that does two other good shows… Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, both starring chef Gordon Ramsay. Doug, Hildi and, Laurie (though I could do without them all) and Frank is back!.

The new show is set to begin air in January and is currently taping new shows. More designers and new carpenters will be announced soon.

Visit her website at

Glad to have you back Paige. The show was pure shit without you.


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