Project Runway – Episode 2
November 19, 2007, 11:35 am
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  Sarah Jessica Parker was the secret pop/fashion icon for this week. A spot in her Bitten line was up for grabs. Well… maybe. Unlike Banana Republic who actually has a reputation in fashion sales, SJP reserved the actual prize decision until she saw the garment in person. Bitch.

Her arrival sparked a cavalcade of emotions for the designers. The photo below shows Jack’s mundane reaction. Chris wept at the mere thought and Ricky peed himself and THEN wept… constantly throughout the show.

Parker’s character in Sex In The City did dress well, but try to remember, she was also a brace face in Square Pegs. Actresses look the way they do because of wardrobe people.


What viewers don’t know about SJP is that she is a die-hard PR fan. In fact, during season two we watched the finale together at the beautiful home of Andy Cohen, her good friend, she knew everyone’s name had a photographic memory of each outfit of both seasons! She was able to analyze each design with the most serious objectivity.  Nina Garcia

On a side note, Nina will be at the Chelsea B&N on November 26th for a book signing.

    Project Runway Jack
Victorya was the winner and Queen Sara decided that she’d give the maybe prize and allow it in her line. She’s like a super hero of generosity. I wish Victorya would have told her to shove it.  


The dress designed by Victorya and made with Kevin‘s help modeled by Anna Lita  (left)

And the dress made by the almost winners, Elisa and Sweet P modeled by Katie. (above)

Marion did not fare quite as well and was booted. His excitement value on the show will be missed. He actually chose Steve as a partner because he was almost as vanilla as he, himself was. That was a bad idea. As you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering to yourself ‘Marion? … who was Marion again?’. Well, forget about it.

I must say of everyone, I was most impressed by Sweet P this week. Typically, when one person is paired with the kook du jour on the show, it’s all craziness. Sweet P handled herself with grace, style and as much restraint as she could muster. Great work. I couldn’t even imagine another week with Elisa, but she sure is interesting. That spitting on the fabric to mark it thing was priceless. The result was a polydachtyl colorfomatic display of asymmetry and spirituality.. or something to that effect.

  “I was asking the Universe to provide me with the most inciteful and lesson learning colllaborator, but I really wanted Sweet P due to her amazing skill and knowledge. Plus, she’s a babe.” Elisa  

The biggest problem I had with tonight’s show was how on Earth 17% of the people voted for Michael Kors. I don’t believe it.They just put that there so he didn’t stomp off the show or something. If you need to vote for a bloated hag, at least vote for Nina Garcia. Tim Gunn won as expected and deserved. Of COURSE his eye is the one to trust. He told Christian about that 80s thing and he didn’t listen. I can’t imagine he’ll make that same mistake again, but who knows.

I’m DYING to see Chris go to town. I hope next week’s challenge has something to do with Carmen Miranda or Coco Peru so he can shine.

Ricky needs to stop crying now. Enough is enough. I’m all for showing your feelings, but suck it up little man, you’re making dresses, not watching Old Yeller. (well, it was sad!)


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