Project Runway Episode 3 – Tiki Gets Jack’ed
November 29, 2007, 12:02 am
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Project Runway Tiki Barber  

Tiki Barber was the guest judge and design subject for Episode 3.


The Today Show co-host Giant wanted something casual that he could wear on the air and isn’t afraid of color, but IS afraid of his butt looking any bigger.


Tiki’s wife gave the designers midway tips. Carmen already had problems.



Jack is this week’s man of distinction. He is both the winner of this week’s difficult Runway challenge, and he is also the most naked person ever to appear on my blog.


He was also the first and only person to immediately drop trow in order to get an edge. Well, first and only in this show… we’ve all done it. Right? uh…


Project Runway Jack



Project Runway


Project Runway

Should have won

Project Runway

Opposite of won


So, we say goodbye to Carmen.

From Carmen‘s official Runway bio:

FASHION MUST: A fantastic shawl or scarf that can be worn in many different ways.

I think that says it all. She left, head held high with her beliefs in tact.


Carmen on Jacks’s win: “As a matter of fact, Jack’s buttons were glued onto his shirt.”


Other thoughts…

Ricky should be an actor. That man can cry at the drop of a hat. He could be the new Patty Duke.


Sweet P is growing on me. She has the best worried face. When she’s worried, I’m worried.


Steven: I just want to zap him with a tazer… just to animate him for a second or two.


Christian: The Treseme people die inside a little more with each episode having to gaze upon his hair. Get a Goddamned comb.


Chris: I love Chris. He’s going to suddenly jump out and wow us. I can feel it. Probably on the Drag Queen challenge starring Coco Peru with guest judge RuPaul.


Rami: You KNOW he wanted to make a Tiki Toga.


And, lastly…

Michael Kors *sigh* : “I wanna *hic* see clothes, not what might have been.” What might have been, inDEED. Personally, I want to see clothes, not drunken facial expressions.



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