Project Runway: MJ on Episode 3
November 29, 2007, 11:30 am
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Phone Interview with MJ

Mike: Hey there MJ. Are you ready to rip the runway to shreds? 
MJ: In light of being told that my post last week was shall we say – a little hostile, I will try to tone it down a bit. 
Mike: We don’t judge here. Say what you want. 

Mike: So Carmen got the boot. Surprised? 
MJ: Not much to say about Carmen being “auf’ed”- it was a pretty obvious choice.  

Mike: Let’s talk about your take on some of the contestants, shall we? Sweet P… 
MJ: I agree about Sweet P – I churned for the last half of the show because of that worried face (it’s like the one mom uses when talking about me to my siblings).  Her shirt WAS a disaster, but hey, she admitted it – I think that kept her on (well beside the fact that Mesach – Carmen – had to dash back to Schenectaday to start filming “Mannequin 3 : The Mannequin Does Menswear”). 

Mike: You really are enjoying the Carmen / Mesach Taylor reference.
MJ: *Laughing manically*

Mike: How about Ricky’s constant water-works? 
MJ: I LOVE Ricky !!! Give me a man who can cry at the drop of a hat – and well, I need little else. 

Mike: Christian? 
MJ: I would say something about Christian’s hair, but well, it’s been done to death, no? 
Mike: Too much talk about his hair?
MJ: Uh no. His HAIR has been done to death. *MJ makes what could only be cymbal sounds in the background*

Mike: I’m a big Chris fan. He’s not stepped up yet, though. 
MJ: Chris is a sleeper favorite – he is going to runway the crap out of us any week now. 

Mike: Steven *yawn*  
MJ: I have a sneaking suspicion that Steven may go postal one of these weeks – no one can be that bland – I’ll stay tuned for that. 

Mike: OK… we’ll catch up some more later…. 
MJ: Oh, wait – after the spitting incident last week, I think they may have medicated Elisa – was she even on last night?

Mike: I know what you mean. She was there, but she made a nice outfit.. Nothing crazy from her this week. She blended in. I was figuring that she’d be spit measuring her model’s crotch, but if she did, they didn’t show it. Maybe there will be a gag reel. But if anyone was gagging on the models, it would have been that bloated windbag, Kors. No one wants to see that.
MJ: Unfortunately, that’s all I can see now. Thanks a lot.


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