1968 in TeeVee
December 2, 2007, 12:30 am
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Television is one of the preeminent human time capsules along with music and writings. Television being the newest and most visually powerful of all.

1968 was the beginning of a new era for the world. But that’s news, not fun TV.

In 1968, we started watching Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. Hawaii 5-0, Here’s Lucy and The Doris Day Show debuted as well along with The Mod Squad and 60 Minutes.

We saw live footage from Apollo 7.  Later Apollo 8 announced that there was a Santa Claus.

We saw Petula Clark touch Harry Belafonte’s arm on TV, causing a scandal. It was the first friendly, interracial gesture on TV. Amazing how ignorant we were just such a short time ago. Later in the year Captain Kirk finished the job and kissed Lt. Uhura on Star Trek… scandal in space.

We saw Joan Crawford on television on the Secret Storm soap opera no less, filling in for her daughter Christina. They removed all the wire hangars from the dressing room.

Elvis had his ’68 Comeback Special.

We continued watchin The Beverly Hillbillies, Bewitched, Get Smart, Green Acres, Hogan’s Heroes, I Dream of Jeannie. We watched Family Affair, the Dean Martin Show, That Girl, The original Star Trek, Carol Burnett, The Flying Nun, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and the Andy Griffith Show.

This was a good year for TV. But there were a few setbacks. We lost a few shows that year. We would see the last of The Monkees, Batman, The Lucy Show and Lost In Space. Among the losses wereMarion Lorne – Aunt Clara on Bewitched and Bea Benederet – Kate on Petticoat Junction and the voice of Betty Rubble on the Flinstones.

Amongst the turmoil in the world and the rebirth of music that would cuminate the following year at Woodstock, there was television. And 1968 was a good year to be glued to your set.


Here’s a TVGuide for 1968 for a week of the big 3. Borrowed from


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