Project Runway: Episode 4
December 5, 2007, 12:14 am
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   Project Runway Chris


Victorya: Hate her

Ricky: Tired of him


The winning design. What happened to getting something for winning?


I was excited about pleather. I didn’t see enough pleather.

I’m really loving Sweet P more each week. My first impression was wrong.

Elisa the ‘sculptor’ has calmed down and has been consistent about it. She’s lost that crazy glint in her eye. Must be Prozac milkshakes for breakfast.

The whining drone that is Steven must come to an end. Anyone know how to TiVo him out and just pretend he’s not on the show? Though he did the Santino-do Tim’s voice thing. I had hope… for a second.

If that Kors hag says ‘Mother of the bride’ one more Goddamned time, I’m going to Loeman’s, buying up all his stuff at discount prices, then I’ll light it on fire and throw the whole heaping load at him. He’s fallen off his stool too many times.

What in Hell happened to Donna Karan? I think Michael Kors fell of his stool onto HER!

Tim Gunn was hardly on. I’m giving up my ‘Make It Work’ beer hat.



All in all the show was a big yawn.


Next week’s show might be a bit more exciting and has Jack written all over it. Apparently Jack will be auf’ed amid controversy. Jack auf’ed? Ahhh.. I have next week’s title!

Jack Auf’ed on Runway: News At 11. Look, it’s the Beavis and Butthead blog.

On with better Jack news…


Seems that Jack Mackenroth favors the Top Chef 4 flavor of Dale Levitski.


Dale gets extra clothes since Jack rarely needs them and uses his Top skills to make sure Jack is always full.


A Bravo match made in Heaven.



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