Project Runway: Episode 5
December 13, 2007, 2:04 am
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I can’t imagine what it must be like to be HIV+. I can’t and neither can you unless you are. Working to stay extra fit, healthy and careful must be a full time job, not to mention the stray thoughts. Jack deals with this every moment of every day for more than 15 years. He leaves a great job and financial security to be on Project Runway for that elusive shot at a dream. Steven was Jack’s roommate during the show and said two interesting things on an interview. First, he felt badly for Jack because he knew how much he wanted the Runway thing (making it extra sad). Second, he said the elapsed time between Jack’s tearful farewell and Chris’ return was 5… maybe 10 minutes. And that’s in real life time. Odd. So, for everything that comes along with being HIV+, Jack has to leave for an unrelated staph infection (He was in the hospital for 5 days). Well, that just sucks a big one.

So, they bring back Chris. I personally love Chris and was sorry to see him go. I did feel a bit strange when he came back, though. Won’t he always be the bastard child of the group? Maybe… I doubt it but just perhaps, he’s just holding Jack’s place and Jack will be back? Too crazy? More fair though?

Jack is out. Steven is out. Chris was out and now he’s in. I’m exhausted.

Michael Korrs dropped Mother of the Bride (aka MOB) this week in favor of a 1950’s Paris hooker. His magical mirror gave him that one.

Christian won the challange and deserved it (and he won’t let anyone forget it anytime soon). Kevin’s was good, but Christian used more of the original clothing. And as Ms. Korrs pointed out…. everyone has a pair of those stretchy pants. He should know. He’s got a closet full. From the MK discount collection at Loeman’s.

Elisa almost lost with her ‘layered’ look. Chris should have been smacked in the neck. But, it was Steven with the French maid at a funeral outfit that got the boot. Steven is back in Chicago designing for the ‘average woman’. Ironic.

Daniel Vosovic won the ‘who would you want to see back’ poll by a landslide. I agree. I couldn’t possibly take Jay McCarroll or Santino Rice another minute.

Ricky trivia: You can go to Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus and buy from his Llizalde line any time you feel like it. Ricky lives in Queens, NY with his partner Mark of 10 years and their dog Seven.


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