Project Runway: Episode 6
January 3, 2008, 7:43 pm
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The Hershey’s Episode

I liked this episode. It reminded me of the produce episode in Season 1. I guess Hershey’s traded thousands of dollars in product for that commercial? There was no way they could have counted the stuff and I’ve been in that store… it’s expensive! Above is the Hershey’s Kiss pillow: retail US$28.99

I pretty much liked everyone’s dress. Elisa’s was my least favorite and she should have sold those sleeves as Kisses. That’s what I thought she was going for. Oh well.

Sweet P. got a bum wrap. The garment was to be wearable and hers was. Rami‘s was all paper and it was really cool, but wearable. Sure if the wearer didn’t move. He deserved to win, yes… but Sweet P. did better than they gave her.

Chris‘ dress was exellent, though I, like the drunken hag Michael Korrs, thought I’d be seeing something completely different. If he does the ‘parade float’ during a glam contest, I’ll personally smack him.



Dresses from Sweet P., Rami, Jillian and Chris (counterclockwise).

Jillian went for the gold. If Patsy Cline were alive today, she’d totally wear that dress. Well, if there was a matching Twizzler cowgirl hat. Oh, and there was a Twizzler missing. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it.

Christian‘s dress was nice, though it must have been greasy as Hell. I was wishing for Victorya to be out. She’s a nasty twat. Her dress was horrid. She used mostly the INside of the York pillows and had ruffles galore. She doesn’t listen to anyone. But the confusing thing was how she made her model walk down the runway. Like she was electrocuted and paralyzed in her shock.  She’s awful. Ricky‘s dress was cute and he didn’t cry, though it looks like he’ll make up for it next week. Kit‘s dress was cool. She played with her name in using Kit Kats for the top, but if the dress wasn’t busy enough, she added thigh-high boots to complicate it further. Either she or Jillian will win, I think.

There wan’t really any strife or drama in this episode. And Tim seems to never be on any more. I’d like more Tim. Ever notice that Tim always looks good on the show but doesn’t take a good picture?

Ricky dry humping his booty pile wearing his confederate hat and showing off the Blessed Mother while not crying.

Rami sporting his see-thru club shirt at the Hershey’s store.

Is this a bad picture or does Kevin have a big head and a tiny body. He’ll be in the final three, so we’ll have time to discuss it at length.

Why wasn’t this on the runway Chris baby? Those earrings would have been smashing with your dress, and the Loehmann’s Discount Designer would have gotten to see his parade float. He probably couldn’t stop singing “I Love A Parade” while dressed in the Shirley McLain Paris 50’s hooker with a heart of gold dress backstage while the stage hands were mopping up after his drunken vomit storm. He’s SO mother-of-the-bride.


Do you stand by your assertion that you would wear that dress — Michael Kors didn’t seem to believe you.
Well, I wouldn´t wear that dress to go down to the corner store for the Saturday paper. Maybe Michael thought he would have looked better in that dress.


I don’t think Michael Korrs would have looked better in that dress, but I wouldn’t be surpised seeing him trying to squeeze into it.



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