Project Runway Episode 7 -What A Girl Wants
January 10, 2008, 4:00 am
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Well, Tim and the gang kept warning Kevin about that damned hem. He didn’t listen. I was surprised to see him go. He was usually on top. pr-e7-kevinshem.jpg




So, he got the dreaded kiss goodbye from Heide.


“At least I got to kiss Heide”


Probably the first to be excited to do so.


I’m thinking this next pic is after his bags were packed, he beat the piss out of Korrs and downed some Knob. He may be the only straight guy, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get some Knob on his way out. (Bourbon, that is)


See Kevin Christiana’s exit interview HERE. There are two parts. Part two is HERE.


The episode really focused around Christian who wound up at the bottom because he didn’t take enough charge of the monster, his dress was a little kooky, not to mention high in the back and to cinch the deal, he pissed Nina Garcia off with his snitching.


So, poor little Christian got his first taste of the bottom. (Well, probably not his FIRST taste!) And he was sad and dejected. Actually, he was that way throughout the entire show.





He was voted best dressed at his own prom. I would have bet every dollar I had that he didn’t even go to his prom, but I would have been wrong. Here’s his picture from that day








Back at the Bunny Ranch. Christian started to get loopy.

He was sure he was going to be out because of that monster.




The towel and hair dryerr give you a little insight into mornings with Christian in case you think he’d be cute to have around.


Tim never seems to be around much anymore, though he was in this episode more than the others.


He gave Christian a pep talk telling him not to give up and told Kevin about that hem. He was worried.






Rami won the ‘who would you screw’ poll. Seems kind of rigged with the towel shot.


I think he and Christian have different views on how to heat up a towel.



Ricky looking pensive, wearing a goofy hat.



Ricky trying to think of something sad so he could cry.


He should think of hat #2.



I really have to wonder what’s with the hats. What is he hiding?


Here, crying about poverty, how wonderful his mother is and how he can’t seem to kick the hat habit.




Chris made a great dress and I thought he might actually win, but that bitch Victorya won. She should just get a punch in her crabby face.



The best line from the show was Chris talking about his portfolio and saying “You know they’re all me, right?!”


They didn’t and neither did I.


Here he is on the left.


There’s a link to his website in the sidebar. For God’s sake, go there now.


He’s fantastic.


One other thing that stood out for me was Victorya asking her client why she picked her and she was told that she didn’t pick her but that she was the last designer left as no one chose her. There’s no love of Victorya here, but OUCH!


Oh yes, dear Rami… enough with the togas already. Apparently, he had only one TV channel in Jeruselem and it played only Animal House marathons.


Here, Jim Belushi sports one of Rami’s earlier designs.


As usual, Michael Korrs is on my last nerve with his quippy little ‘It reminds me of..” comments. Does he write these stupid things in advance? He’s ruining the show for me.


The next post down if Project Catwalk. You really need to watch this. I think it may be better than Runway. The show didn’t get 5 minutes in and there was trouble. 30 minutes in someone was called out and I thought she’d be thrown off. There’s a narrator. He’s got a great voice. Ben Di Lisi, their Tim Gunn yells and tells them off. It’s incredible. I’m going to do more on that show. Please watch the entire episode using the link in the post. It’s worth it.


For a spectacularly FABulous view of the runway, visit Project Rungay. The style of the postings are fun to read and they say what we’re all thinking! A perfect example is in a recent post for Episode 7 featuring a cartoon. Take a look and then head over to read the rest. You won’t stop ’til it’s over. Click HERE for the cartoon. Kudos to Alex Cox.



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