Project Runway – Episode 8 – En Garde!
January 17, 2008, 1:03 am
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Avante garde runway hairstyles were the inspiration for this weeks challenge. Sweet P. even chose her model, dropping her previous model, based on hairstyle. Her model later received a Plain Jane style for a day dress.

The challenge itself was to create a concept garment focusing less on wearability and more on showmanship. The challenge was later expanded to include a day dress inspired by the concept garment. Even sitting at home, I could feel their stomachs tighten into a knot. I’m not a big fan of team challenges. I felt truly bad for Sweet P. because whether or not he looks good in a towel, Rami was a douche. Not only was he generally mean, but he then blamed his own design that he didn’t want Sweet P. even working on Sweet P.


  Rami was bossy and relentless. I can see why though… he was making something completely out of the box… what would you call it if you had to give it a name? I wonder…. oh, I know….



I honestly didn’t even think it would be possible. Yes, I’ve seen it week after week, but still, it took me by surprise. I watched it being made and, it took me by surprise.  


Victorya made whatever she made… I don’t care… hate her. However, her teammate Jillian made a totally HOT trench. If they give Jillian enough time (if there IS enough time for her), she will win this season.


Christian and Chris aka. Team Fierce (Christian and Jack’s team earlier on was Team Star) worked great together. No fighting, all good times and fun.


 The dress used 45 yards of fabric and had a coat hanger braced collar that towered over the model’s head. It was an amazing piece of art. No matter what, they had to win. If they had been passed over for even something as good as Jillian’s fantastic jacket, there would have been trouble.


When Dress Fierce stepped onto the runway, it was the first time I saw a sparkle in Michael Korrs eye. He was impressed bordering on awed. I’m sure it had something to do with design, but I’m also sure that it had to do with the plans he was hatching in his head on how he would trick the guards into letting him back into the building later that night so he could try that baby on. Nina Garcia was also impressed. I think she pee’d a little. Christian, as team leader, won immunity and both he and Chris March got to be featured with their designs in an Elle ad for TRESemme.

Kit, the little ‘Pistol’ that I thought would be in the final 3 said her goodbyes this time. Of course, Korrs grabbed a Scarlett O’Hara reference and tried to make it hiw own by adding ‘… but Scarlett O’Hara made a couture dress. You just ripped sheets off a bed… ‘ blah, blah blah. He was off his game because he was still plotting the overthrow of the nightwatchman.

Good episode. Now, I’m going to watch Project Catwalk for some REAL fun.


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Hi great post!
I love the extreme looks that are put forth in run way shows.

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