Project Runway – Episode 9 – Even Designers Get The Blues
January 24, 2008, 9:24 pm
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This is the last time we’ll see these seven people awaiting their fate on the runway.

Christian thinks it should be Ricky and he also thought Ricky should have gone instead of Kit. Christian is in for a surprise. For those that saw it, you did see how Christian almost vomited when the news came, right? Fierce!


The producers had so much fun watching this group run in episode 1 that they did it to them again. This time, they weren’t all headed for a single piece of plaid fabric, but instead, this week’s challenge was to design an iconic garment made with an iconic garment… the Levi’s 501s in assorted washes and some jackets.



 They all grabbed and clawed like there were only two pair there. But, there were in fact 500 pair for 7 designers. But Rami and Christian got about 200 pair each. Grubbing bastards!

It was a one day challenge and no one seemed upset, though Victorya was lackluster from the start and then copied Jillian’s idea from last week and really didn’t pull it off. She used an existing jacket and slapped on some inside-out jeans as a messy skirt and landed on the auf’ed list. Personally, I’m glad to see her and her snippy little attitude gone. Clean up your Goddamned workspace bitch and get the Hell out! That’s what I heard Tim Gunn say in my imagination.


I am overjoyed to report that Rami did NOT make a toga. I really imagined the whole thing in my head, too. He used zippers to an advantage on a tight fitting dress. Thank goodness there was no draping. Of course he did mention the religious strife of being a child in Jeruselem, which is what brought him to designing at age 5. The Jeruselem thing is starting to remind me of Sophia on Golden Girls… ‘Picture it… Jeruselem 1984… Muslims, Christians and Jews having a Messiah argument… me hiding behind the curtains, a frightened boy…. drapes? Wait… I’ll make something!’  It’s hard to get some of that childhood stuff out of us, hence the constant draping fabric. Maybe.


I didn’t like Sweet P all that much in the beginning, but I have to say, she’s a trooper. She decided to make a denim wedding dress in homage to her own slightly unconventional wedding dress. Cool idea, but not working. Tim gave her his take and unlike every other person on the show, SHE TOOK IT SERIOUSLY and almost won. She gets real credit for that. Even Chris who was already out once didn’t fix that frayed pocket, and they went for the jugular. 


Sweet P. came out with a dress that really impressed the judges. She made it work. Tim knows what he’s talking about people. 


 First, why doesn’t Ricky ever forego the hat? What is he hiding under there? 

Ricky wound up winning the day… no immunity, though. Christian was pissed and of course the Rickster broke down worse than ever. Roller coaster INDEED! I’m glad he won one. I actually hoped he’d win so I could see him smile (and maybe even throw his hat in the air so I could get a peek at his head), but alas… still crying. Being emotional isn’t the worst thing a person could be.
Tomorrow… Project Catwalk. Can you wait??? I can’t. I know that a lot of you are watching it, so please let me know what you think and who you like.

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