Rep Sally Kerns
March 14, 2008, 1:28 am
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AllFunTeeVee is by no means a political blog, but this Ellen clip was worth posting, if for no other reason than to make sure people see it.


Republican Representative Sally Kern of Oklahoma made a speech that was beyond incredulous. There are quite a few Republicans in the country that bring ‘narrow minded’ to an art form, but Ms. Kern has thrown outright bigotry into the mix. Whether you believe in Gay rights or religious respect… or you don’t, I’m sure you’ll agree that we should not be voting in bigots to our government. Each and every one of us is something that someone has a problem with. For this elected official to make a speech as she did, is inexcusable and the fault lies with each and every one of us for voting these people into office. We give them the power to oppress freedom and impose their narrow beliefs on everyone around them.

We should worry about our children learning from people such as her. I do not know her ethnicity or cultural heritage and, I don’t need to… but as a person I feel she is a pig. Shame on you Oklahoma and shame on all of us for tolerating behavior like this from the very people we hire to represent us. Are we this cowardly and lazy as a people to let this continue?

It doesn’t matter if you think Gay people should have rights or not. They’re coming after you next. Remember when Blacks weren’t allowed to drink from the same fountains as whites and Jews were animals and the Irish were a plague on America and the worst thing you could be was Puerto Rican? This list goes on and on. You’re on it somewhere or you will be soon. So, be careful when voting. You may vote yourself in some hatred meant just for you.

Here’s her email:  Though I doubt it will last long.

Link –

Oh, and try to leave her son out of it. He’s not the issue.


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