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joey kovar real world

So, substance abuse Joey Kovar is back at Stage 20 for a rough (on me) episode. Yes, he’s overcoming quite a bit. Yes, he deserves a cuddle here and there for his troubles. But… the whining, crying and blaming strangers for not being his supportive family is too much.

If I were on Real World, I’d be having the time of my life. I’d go out drinking. I’d use my Real World name tag to get laid. Maybe I’d stay home that first night Joey came back… I don’t know.

He’s putting a lot on those poor kids. They aren’t showing enough love for that poor, young, handsome, perfect body, world at his fingertips guy. They have problems, too.

Maybe I can see where he’s coming from. Maybe I would have stayed home rather than go out drinking just for one night. I just don’t know.

Help me out people. If we were on Real World and were Joey Kovar’s housemate, would we have stayed home with him, at least for that first night? And dirty answers exploiting his vulnerability aren’t what we’re looking for. We already know that answer. So, how are you swinging with Joey?

I guess we should also keep in mind that all those whining moments were sewn together by some sadist producer for ratings and it may not have been that bad. He did come through at the end, right? We’ll see soon, I suppose.


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hi joe im so glad that you are doing ok i know is hard because mine big brother when to all of this and he has bein sober for 6yrdo give up remember you have little brother to think about them right know they need there big brother to be there for them so im haooy that you are doing ok love always nilda

Comment by nilda olmo

So, now everyone believes they know Joey. Well, you have no clue what Joey has been through in his life. I grew up with him, and for him to be as successful as he is, is a miracle. He is a good guy with a big heart. No, he has not had one single thing handed to him on a silver platter. Everything Joey has done he has done on his own. He has many friends that he has been friends with since middle school. He is not a whiner or a cry baby. If he sees someone in trouble, Joey is the first one to go help them. Why can’t that be expected of other people as well?

Comment by Jessica

Yeah yeah… relax Jessica. It was a question and the post was fairly understanding to his issues and to MTVs stitching crap together to make him look worse.

We wish Joey Kovar no ill will and hope his future holds wonderful things for him.

Comment by Mike

Yes, I would stay home with him!!! I have had so many friends and family recover from drugs and mostly “ALCOHOL”. Honestly when I saw Joey, drink that entire bottle of wine in like 20 min.
it brought back nightmares!!! Alot of ppl I know were alcoholics!!! It wasn’t very comforting to see him go through that alone,
I understand eveyone for them selves on that show , but come on , help a brother out!!!!

Comment by tONY

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