Tila Tequila – A Shot At Love
June 9, 2008, 6:40 pm
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tila tequila - a shot at love

So, Tila Tequila, the bi-sexual firecracker has her own ‘Bachellorette’ show.

Bravo has hung out on the border of controversial Gay entertainment since its inception with shows like Queer Eye, the non-Gay, but close to gay ‘Blow Out’ and others. Now, well for a little while now, a show about both men and women looking for love with a bisexual woman.

This is truly an ‘I just can’t decide’ show. Tila is a tough and tight little hottie and they all want her. I get that part. But doesn’t Tila herself have a preference even for the show? Why cut out 50% of your dating chances, right?

We have fights over her, girl on girl kissing and writhing scenes and jello wrestling. What more could you squeeze into a show? If there was a monster truck challenge, it would be all set.

Like any reality show where contestants live together and vote each other off, tensions get high and you really never know what to expect next.

A recent episode featured Glitter (one of the love struck gals) going loopy for no apparent reason and then while talking on her little exit interview (as all the shows have to catch the off’ed people at their very best), she leaned over and spit. Jesus!  Right in the middle of explaining why Tila was worse off without her kind of luvin, she just leaned over and spit… a big old man spit, too. Not a cute ‘bug in my teeth’ spit. A bonefide loogie, man-style. I thought… wow… Project Runway should introdice spitting… perhaps at Michael Korrs. ALL shows should have spitting women and even more upsetting, spitting Gay men.

The Chad -vs- Bo fight was crazy. That Jersey Jay character is an ass. They get tattooed and pierced for Tila’s affection. This show is something to watch. Catch it once, you’ll be hooked.

In case you’ve not heard of Tila, take a look at her YouTube vid for I Love You. She WILL fuck you up!


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Comment by homero

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Comment by homero

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Comment by homero

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