The Real World – Joey Kovar

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So, substance abuse Joey Kovar is back at Stage 20 for a rough (on me) episode. Yes, he’s overcoming quite a bit. Yes, he deserves a cuddle here and there for his troubles. But… the whining, crying and blaming strangers for not being his supportive family is too much.

If I were on Real World, I’d be having the time of my life. I’d go out drinking. I’d use my Real World name tag to get laid. Maybe I’d stay home that first night Joey came back… I don’t know.

He’s putting a lot on those poor kids. They aren’t showing enough love for that poor, young, handsome, perfect body, world at his fingertips guy. They have problems, too.

Maybe I can see where he’s coming from. Maybe I would have stayed home rather than go out drinking just for one night. I just don’t know.

Help me out people. If we were on Real World and were Joey Kovar’s housemate, would we have stayed home with him, at least for that first night? And dirty answers exploiting his vulnerability aren’t what we’re looking for. We already know that answer. So, how are you swinging with Joey?

I guess we should also keep in mind that all those whining moments were sewn together by some sadist producer for ratings and it may not have been that bad. He did come through at the end, right? We’ll see soon, I suppose.


Paige Davis Returns to Trading Spaces
November 18, 2007, 10:04 am
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Trading Spaces was THE home improvement show of the century. Fun, scary and full of opinionated fans. And a bubbly host.

  When the perky Paige Davis joined Trading Spaces in 2001, the show went into overdrive. Always upbeat. Always irritating the designers and carpenters by reminding them of budgets and questioning whether the family will like what they’ve done.

left: the ringmaster herself, Paige Davis

One day, Paige was missing fron the show. OK. I watched it, figuring she was sick or on vacation. The next one came and I found out that Paige was no more. That was the end of Trading Spaces for me. I’ve not watched the new hostless format since. As I talked to other people that also liked the show, they too felt the show wasn’t the same. Right… Davis was gone.

With no host, there was no continuity in the show. Why didn’t Hildi ever get ditched? I wouldn’t let her anywhere NEAR my house. Ty was gone, Frank was gone, a few new designers that sucked the life out of me came on.

Trading Spaces had gotten too happy with themselves and turned their back on what made the show popular. Too happy to the point of creating7 dozen other Spaces shows, like one for kids, one for families and, another for people’s doghouses, I think. All sucked… BAD. Some of the designers even crossed over. Big mistake.

OK, enough griping. Paige Davis is back. There is a new production company taking over. The production company that does two other good shows… Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, both starring chef Gordon Ramsay. Doug, Hildi and, Laurie (though I could do without them all) and Frank is back!.

The new show is set to begin air in January and is currently taping new shows. More designers and new carpenters will be announced soon.

Visit her website at

Glad to have you back Paige. The show was pure shit without you.

Project Runway: Joey on Episode 1
November 15, 2007, 1:19 pm
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Thoughts after the first episode

Most annoying contestant:Elisa
between watching her make grass stains on the fabric, doing yoga poses in the apartment…and that disasterous cascading train on her dress….she wins hands down for me on the most annoying.
Runner up to most annoying: Jillian
Most likely to grow on me: Sweet P
I was touched watching her watch her model and dress come down the runway….
Least Memorable Personality so far…. Marion Lee
(can’t even remember what his oufit was like, or anything about him)
The contestant I am most ambivelant about: Christian
He is such a queen and trying too hard to be bitchy, but I like that he is proud that he sleeps on the floor and would rather buy clothes than a bed.
I like and dislike him at the same time.
The contestant most likely to be seen with his shirt off at least once per episode….Jack. Good thing he has a nice body, because his face is a little scary…
Contestant I was most routing for and most disappointed by: Ricky
I wanted him to be this seasons Nick (from season two)…but he already blew it for me.
Saddest moment for me…watching Chris trying to run and make it to the tents before all the contestants snatched all the premium fabric… it seemed a bit cruel
Funniest moment: watching Elisa sitting backstage after the runway show, ripping fabric from the train of her models dress…. while the judges are deciding her fate….
Favorite moment...watching Michael laugh at Elisa as she was describing her thought process for her design… (second favorite….Nina’s face when Elisa was talking….)
Most annoying quote
“Don’t go into the fear box people….don’t go into the fear box….”

Project Runway: Look-a-likes 1
November 7, 2007, 3:02 am
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MJ has a few early look-a-like picks for the new PR guys. 




What do YOU think?

Project Runway
November 4, 2007, 3:55 am
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November 4th begins Crazy Bitchfest Four. Your TV Guide may call it Project Runway Season 4, but who are they kidding?

I was afraid Bravo had abandoned the series, but here they all are again.

prheidi.jpg prnina.jpgprmc1.jpg

Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and *sigh* Michael Kors are all back to judge and jab 15 poor souls who are, as usual not always chosen for their design talent but also based on how ridiculous they will act on screen.


America’s favorite Runway character, Tim Gunn is also in. Tim has developed a bigger following than the designers, Klum, Garcia and Kors put together. He ‘makes it work’.

This blog is about to get bitchy real fast. I’m going to try and talk fan friends into contributing along with me. MJ and Joey are both steadfast fans with an awful lot to say. MJ is quite good at renaming the contestants so they’re easier to follow and Joey’s not very good at holding back, so it should be fun.

We’ll also check in to see what some of the other season’s contestants are up to post Runway.

Take, for instance: Wendy Pepper. We all hated her and tuned in again and again to see how much we could endure.

She shed 40 lbs. and gave her own auf wiedersehen to her husband of five years, woodworker Robert Downing. Now 41, she’s designing clothes for private clients and has since appeared on Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown and last August’s Battle of the Network Reality Stars.
People Magazine

Note: You’ve got to take yesterday’s makeup OFF before slapping on a new coat, honey. I thought maybe that woodworker husband of hers was Geppetto .



Who will join Jay, Cloe and Jeffrey in  the winner’s circle?
I’m still thinking Daniel won Season 2. Good thing I peeked and snapped out of that delusion… again!

I’ve taken a peek at the new cast of designers and have already formulated opinions. God, I LOVE this show.
Meet The Season 4 Cast HERE 

Let’s hear who YOUR first impression picks are.

project runway heidi klum tim gunn nina garcia

Believe it or not, I’m walking on air.
September 29, 2007, 9:22 pm
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The Greatest American Hero


You’re a nerdy guy walking in the desert and a red spandex suit falls from the sky. What do you do?

This was to be Ralph Hanley’s dillema for two years.

The main character (Ralph Hanley) played by William Katt was an unassuming school teacher thrust into an extraordinary life… sort of. First, TV is affected by events. Ralph Hanley’s name was originally to be Ralph Hinckley, but with the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. at the same time, it was changed.  The episode plots centered around day to day type events, not save the world events. Ralph was a little doofy, his new suit a little baggy and oh yes… he lost the manual. Yes, apparently a manual was included. This is the slowest start to a superhero ever. Superman fell from space, Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, the Fantastic Four were irradiated in space… the quick changes go on and on. But this guy was learning to be a hero and each episode saw take offs and landings that were reminiscent of the Wright brother’s first day at work. But, unlike the others, he had the radio to help him, changing stations to get a word or two from each to spell out a message. “Eve Of Destruction” was appropriately featured once. It was the one time the radio message was clear.
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