Project Runway Episode 7 – Joey’s Take
January 9, 2008, 11:45 pm
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I can’t believe Ricky made it through to another round….
I thought he surely would be out….
his dress was boring…and did nothing for that girl…
I was routing for Sweet P…


but was not surprised when Victorya won (as Nina said…that was what a modern girl would wear to the prom these days…)


janbrady-eveplumb-char.jpgmy only comment on Victorya’s look…was couldn’t she have done anything with that girl’s hair?  She looked liked Jan Brady going down the runway with that hair..

Kit is starting to grow on me….though I didn’t like her dress…. did not appreciate Chris’s Flintstone/Gay joke….I mean why can he get away with saying Fags on tv …just because he is one…I actually liked Chris’s dress….

Fred and Barney enjoying a smoke after some hot, monkey sex.

that’s all I got…
miss Tim Gunn…
was he even on this episode????


Project Runway-Episode 6: Joey’s Take
January 7, 2008, 9:41 pm
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thoughts on episode six…


Let’s start at the end….I was sad to see Elisa go…even though her dress was awful…
and there was no chance of her actually making it anywhere near the final three…..I actually started to like her…I think she was kooky , but I believe she is really like that…and not just trying to perform for the camera like some of them (Christian)…but she seemed sincere….so….when she was crying at the end….I, too, got a little choked up (that was actually a result of my being sick…I always get emotional when I’m under the weather….) and I felt a little like RICKY….minus the tattoo of the Virgin Mary on my arm….


I was a SWEET P. fan from the beginning, but am soo over her now….she could have been out, and I wouldn’t have minded…I was quite disappointed by that sad silver sack she sent down the runway….I mean, couldn’t she have added some color to that drab mess???? A red sash (that if Chriswould have used he would be accused of doing something too costumey…) or something???
She has to go soon….sorry Sweet P….you disappointed me too many times….(that horrible men’s wear challenge comes to mind….)


Basically I was quite impressed by Jillian‘s and Rami‘s , as were the judges….
and I even liked Chris‘s….(though I still am upset he came back…I mean,as Heide says…one day your in,  and the next day your out..she doesn’t go on to say, unless someone else prematurely is out, then you can come right back….)
I do think Jillian should have won , though, despite the missing twizzler….
My pick for the final three at this point….Jillian, Rami, and Christian….
although maybe Victorya will be there, just to add a stronger, obnoxious personality….

oh, wait….there’d be Christian, so I guess the obnoxious, strong personality would already be there….
anyway…that’s my take for now….
can’t wait till next time to see what Ricky‘s crying about now….

Project Runway: Joey’s Take
December 13, 2007, 1:03 am
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thoughts on 2nights episode….

thank God Steve is gone…yawn….

glad Christian won….i liked his design…


I feel cheated that they brought Chris back….why was he so special????


why not bring back Marion for that matter????(who was Marion anyway?)


Why is Sweet Pea always last when they are pulling out the buttons in that damn bag????

I’m already feeling sick over the coming attractions….Sweet Pea looks like she is having another crisis!!!!
and why was everyone trying to rally around Steve at the last minute trying to help him finish his garment?  Why is he so special??? I didn’t see anyone trying to help Carmen or Sweet Pea two weeks ago!!!!!

and has there been one friggin episode this season when that girly Ricky did not cry???????


Please Ricky…get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Runway: Joey on Episode 1
November 15, 2007, 1:19 pm
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Thoughts after the first episode

Most annoying contestant:Elisa
between watching her make grass stains on the fabric, doing yoga poses in the apartment…and that disasterous cascading train on her dress….she wins hands down for me on the most annoying.
Runner up to most annoying: Jillian
Most likely to grow on me: Sweet P
I was touched watching her watch her model and dress come down the runway….
Least Memorable Personality so far…. Marion Lee
(can’t even remember what his oufit was like, or anything about him)
The contestant I am most ambivelant about: Christian
He is such a queen and trying too hard to be bitchy, but I like that he is proud that he sleeps on the floor and would rather buy clothes than a bed.
I like and dislike him at the same time.
The contestant most likely to be seen with his shirt off at least once per episode….Jack. Good thing he has a nice body, because his face is a little scary…
Contestant I was most routing for and most disappointed by: Ricky
I wanted him to be this seasons Nick (from season two)…but he already blew it for me.
Saddest moment for me…watching Chris trying to run and make it to the tents before all the contestants snatched all the premium fabric… it seemed a bit cruel
Funniest moment: watching Elisa sitting backstage after the runway show, ripping fabric from the train of her models dress…. while the judges are deciding her fate….
Favorite moment...watching Michael laugh at Elisa as she was describing her thought process for her design… (second favorite….Nina’s face when Elisa was talking….)
Most annoying quote
“Don’t go into the fear box people….don’t go into the fear box….”