The Real World – Joey Kovar

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So, substance abuse Joey Kovar is back at Stage 20 for a rough (on me) episode. Yes, he’s overcoming quite a bit. Yes, he deserves a cuddle here and there for his troubles. But… the whining, crying and blaming strangers for not being his supportive family is too much.

If I were on Real World, I’d be having the time of my life. I’d go out drinking. I’d use my Real World name tag to get laid. Maybe I’d stay home that first night Joey came back… I don’t know.

He’s putting a lot on those poor kids. They aren’t showing enough love for that poor, young, handsome, perfect body, world at his fingertips guy. They have problems, too.

Maybe I can see where he’s coming from. Maybe I would have stayed home rather than go out drinking just for one night. I just don’t know.

Help me out people. If we were on Real World and were Joey Kovar’s housemate, would we have stayed home with him, at least for that first night? And dirty answers exploiting his vulnerability aren’t what we’re looking for. We already know that answer. So, how are you swinging with Joey?

I guess we should also keep in mind that all those whining moments were sewn together by some sadist producer for ratings and it may not have been that bad. He did come through at the end, right? We’ll see soon, I suppose.

Tila Tequila – A Shot At Love
June 9, 2008, 6:40 pm
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tila tequila - a shot at love

So, Tila Tequila, the bi-sexual firecracker has her own ‘Bachellorette’ show.

Bravo has hung out on the border of controversial Gay entertainment since its inception with shows like Queer Eye, the non-Gay, but close to gay ‘Blow Out’ and others. Now, well for a little while now, a show about both men and women looking for love with a bisexual woman.

This is truly an ‘I just can’t decide’ show. Tila is a tough and tight little hottie and they all want her. I get that part. But doesn’t Tila herself have a preference even for the show? Why cut out 50% of your dating chances, right?

We have fights over her, girl on girl kissing and writhing scenes and jello wrestling. What more could you squeeze into a show? If there was a monster truck challenge, it would be all set.

Like any reality show where contestants live together and vote each other off, tensions get high and you really never know what to expect next.

A recent episode featured Glitter (one of the love struck gals) going loopy for no apparent reason and then while talking on her little exit interview (as all the shows have to catch the off’ed people at their very best), she leaned over and spit. Jesus!  Right in the middle of explaining why Tila was worse off without her kind of luvin, she just leaned over and spit… a big old man spit, too. Not a cute ‘bug in my teeth’ spit. A bonefide loogie, man-style. I thought… wow… Project Runway should introdice spitting… perhaps at Michael Korrs. ALL shows should have spitting women and even more upsetting, spitting Gay men.

The Chad -vs- Bo fight was crazy. That Jersey Jay character is an ass. They get tattooed and pierced for Tila’s affection. This show is something to watch. Catch it once, you’ll be hooked.

In case you’ve not heard of Tila, take a look at her YouTube vid for I Love You. She WILL fuck you up!

Rep Sally Kerns
March 14, 2008, 1:28 am
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AllFunTeeVee is by no means a political blog, but this Ellen clip was worth posting, if for no other reason than to make sure people see it.


Republican Representative Sally Kern of Oklahoma made a speech that was beyond incredulous. There are quite a few Republicans in the country that bring ‘narrow minded’ to an art form, but Ms. Kern has thrown outright bigotry into the mix. Whether you believe in Gay rights or religious respect… or you don’t, I’m sure you’ll agree that we should not be voting in bigots to our government. Each and every one of us is something that someone has a problem with. For this elected official to make a speech as she did, is inexcusable and the fault lies with each and every one of us for voting these people into office. We give them the power to oppress freedom and impose their narrow beliefs on everyone around them.

We should worry about our children learning from people such as her. I do not know her ethnicity or cultural heritage and, I don’t need to… but as a person I feel she is a pig. Shame on you Oklahoma and shame on all of us for tolerating behavior like this from the very people we hire to represent us. Are we this cowardly and lazy as a people to let this continue?

It doesn’t matter if you think Gay people should have rights or not. They’re coming after you next. Remember when Blacks weren’t allowed to drink from the same fountains as whites and Jews were animals and the Irish were a plague on America and the worst thing you could be was Puerto Rican? This list goes on and on. You’re on it somewhere or you will be soon. So, be careful when voting. You may vote yourself in some hatred meant just for you.

Here’s her email:  Though I doubt it will last long.

Link –

Oh, and try to leave her son out of it. He’s not the issue.

Project Runway – Rami Kashou
January 12, 2008, 11:37 am
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Rami Kashou: Most likely to drape fabric is quickly becoming this season of Project Runway’s hot to watch guy.


Take a quiet guy from Jeruselem, with a little accent and no desire to participate in a bitch-fest on the show, add in his ability to wear a towel well and you have boys and girls swooning. I’m sure he’s getting emails from everywhere with Frank Louis’ contact info (Jack Mackenroth’s photographer). He seems a little too shy and reserved to me, but you know how those shy guys can be.

As mentioned before, Rami did win the ‘Who Would You Screw?’ poll during Episode 7, so I’m sure the producers will shove more Rami in even though the episodes are already done.


As you may suspect, Rami’s designs are as they are on the show… draped fabric. Girls that want this look need to look no further. Rami’s work is sold at dozens of shops across the country.


To see more of Rami (Not in the skin sense), head over to his website and continue to watch Project Runway on Bravo. And if he happens to accidentally find himself at the Playgirl studios, we’ll let you know.

So, what do you think about Rami? Cute? Hot? Is he packin’? Pretentious snit? Will he go all the way? Stop daydreaming, I mean in the show.

Profile: Josh Bernstein
October 14, 2007, 4:14 pm
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I watch the History Channel either when nothing else is on (which is quite often) or when Digging For The Truth with Josh Bernstein is on.

Bernstein’s personality and enthusiasm makes the show extremely interesting. He takes you on a time-line-like tour of theories surrounding ancient mysteries that we’ve all heard of, learned about and saw boring documentaries on. He makes this into a riveting hour of TV. You want to learn because he seems so excited about it. You’re taken through the thought process of discovery and not talked down to. You don’t have information shoved at you, instead you are made to feel that you’re making the discovery and you do need to come up with some conclusions on your own. At the end of the show, you’ve learned something. There are not many shows that can boast this with any honesty.

If Josh Bernstein was a high school teacher or principal, he’d have the smartest school around. If teachers taught with the same enthusiasm he does, the world would be an amazing place.

Actually, Josh is in fact a teacher. He is CEO and president of BOSS (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), a survival school in Utah where he teaches survival techniques like lighting a fire with no matches, etc. and also environmentalism. Learning to live within the confines of your locality and Earth itself.

Bernstein doesn’t just play someone smart reading from a prompter, he graduated from Cornell with double majors and double minors in Anthropology, Psychology, Native American and Near Eastern Studies respectively. Though he has an apartment in Manhattan, he also lives the life he teaches and spends his Utah time in his yurt.

digging-for-the-truth.jpgYoung, intelligent, good-looking, motivated and enthusiastic about life… he’s who people aspire to be and who people need to learn from. His documentaries, both past and future should be made a part of every schools’ curriculum. Maybe he could even do something to inspire teachers.


Photo: Not your typical archaeologist. Maybe, the real-life Indiana Jones was doing his episode The Real Sin City: Sodom and Gomorrah on Truth.

Bernstein has left The History Channel and a new host has taken over what Bernstein made into it’s #1 show since it started. Josh has moved over to The Discovery Channel where more broad projects await. Projects that also include other topics besides those driven by archaeology. He will be seen in a new series and specials on the channel and will also do more behind the scenes work on those and other shows. This allows him to teach more people, more stuff. New Discovery Channel programming starring Josh is set to begin in February 2008 (see bad news after the jump!). Keep and eye out for it. You won’t be sorry.

Josh’s website is HERE. Check back, it’s not quite ready yet. 

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